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In January 2018 Prof.Dr.-Ing.habil. Gerd Fleischer died at the age of 90 years.

He was Gold Medallist of Tribology (1989) and Professor at the Otto von Guericke University in Magdeburg. He was author of the book „Wear and Reliability“ from 1982.

We were very glad to welcome Prof.Dr. Gerd Fleischer at the first Arnold Tross Colloquium. He spokes about his meetings with Tross in the early 60th and about the scientific work of Arnold Tross.

Photo: Prof. Fleischer during the 1st Colloquium

Prof.Fleischer is Gold Medallist of Tribology (1989) and it were Tross and Fleischer in Germany who tried to develop an Energetical Approach of Tribology.




Photo: Prof. Dr. Uwe Winkelmann at the 1st Colloquium

Prof.Dr. Uwe Winkelman presented a paper at the first Colloqium. His topic was the Energetical Approach of Tribology. Prof.Winkelmann died in 2015.

Prof.Dr. Ryszard Czarny (University of Wroclaw-Poland) presented an interesting grease-paper at the second Arnold Tross Colloquium

Photo: Prof.Dr.Czarny during the 2nd Colloquium

Prof. Czarny is a well known specialist for „Grease Tribology“ and author of a book about lubricating greases.